How to Become a Musician

An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians

Becoming a musician is not simple.

Starting up a band can be frustrating, especially if you don’t know what to look for in the people you want to work with.

There have been a number of hopeful bands who have started, only to go their separate ways just a year later – if they are lucky enough to last that long. Many bands will come and go – it’s not that they’ve given up on their dreams, but there a are number of reasons, such as choosing the wrong venue or bad marketing.

Become a MusicianIt is the same with any business and why some are successful and others are not. In order to become a musician, and be successful at it, you need to not only be good at what you do, but also know how to market yourself.

The same principles apply to anyone wanting to start up a business, as a functioning band you become a potential business and the music becomes your product.

You need to know:

  • Where would you find the right people who can work with your band?
  • What type of instruments would suit your band?
  • What makes a good band?
  • How do you filter out the time wasters before they join your hopeful band?

There are many questions that many budding musicians ask when thinking about embarking upon a career in music. Most people start off working with other musicians who are usually their friends. There is nothing wrong with that, but if you want to play music and turn it into a business it becomes serious, and there can be no conflict of interest.

My name is Saphron Watson. I’ve trained, mentored and coached many singers, musicians and bands over the years. 

In my book, An Essential Guide for serious singers and musicians, I will tell you what it takes to become a musician.


Become a Musician - An Essential Guide for Serious Singers & Musicians

An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians

An Essential Guide for Serious singers and Musicians is the most authoritative instruction manual out there on the market today! The book begins with providing information for the budding singer and musician on how to build a working band from scratch and how to keep your band motivated while spotting the early signs of would-be dropout saving you a lot of heart-ache and energy!

Once your band is functional it will provide you with information as to how to get your band to behave in a commercial way and ways of advertising your new pop group! So if you want to keep in the lime-light this book will show you how!

This book; once you start to write songs as a band also provides information as to who owns the copyright to the songs, and what happens etc…

It will also provide you with the proper way of how to send off your songs to either Agents or Record Labels.


An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians contains:

  • PDF eBook of “An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians” with over 140 pages of help


With An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians you’ll learn about:

  • Dealing with bad music managers once you signed their contracts!
  • Why the music industry today is more about hype than talent
  • Dirty dealings which goes on inside the music business!
  • Music Publishers and how they work
  • Promoting your band as a business
  • Why the music industry is suffering sales
  • Getting your name known plus much more…!


“A truly comprehensive work that has illuminated much. You will be fighting in the dark without this book by your side if your career relies on generating income through the exploitation of recorded music.” – Richard


“I prefer the book: ‘An essential guide for serious singers and musicians’ to any other. The book contains provable technique that works! It covers the legal aspect of the music business, how to get yourself out off shark like contracts and getting yourself on radio.

I wish I had bought this book before touring as i would have known how gritty and dark the world of the music industry is. This book tells it as it is with no gloss and sheen talk; it gets his hands dirty where other book fails and it will leave you empowered and ready for success.

I already have a record company interested in me and all because I have followed the right techniques this great book says. You also are told how to protect your work, and given organisation that will help you do it. It really is the musicians bible.

If you want to also know how the record industry rips you off then this book is a must I couldn’t recommend it enough.” – Steve


“An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians” will help you develop as a serious singer, musician or band and help you avoid the pitfalls and mistakes that often stop others being a success.

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“I am a professional musician trying to learn the ins and outs of an industry I have never before taken the time to truly understand. This book is a stroke of genius in its all-encompassing easy-to-read breakdown of every tiny aspect of the industry. I now understand about things that are vital to my craft, and which I’ve always shied away from because of their apparent complexity: PRS, MCPS, licensing, PR, major labels vs Independence and their respective holds on the British media and broadcasting.” – Matt



A professional mentor costs a lot of money, and the wrong mentor can do your career more harm than good. With “An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians” you get the help and knowledge you need, – all for just $16.97! What’s more, if you decide my book is not for you, you can get an immediate, 100% no questions refund.

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