Ed Sheeran Writes New Song 4 BTS After 2020 ‘Make It Right’

Ed Sheeran Writes New Song 4 BTS After 2020 ‘Make It Right’

It is not usual for songwriters to collaborate and share creative ideas. Naturally, creative innovation and a different perspective is always needed if you want to attract new fans or reinvent yourself.  Ed Sheeran has written a song for BTS and rumours have it that he is also working with Dynamite hit makers. One thing we do know about this innovation and that is: Ed Sheeran is a big fan of BTS! Who says chalk and cheese don’t mix! However, what is interesting are their different musical styles but they were able to collaborate and do something together.

A lot of musicians’ especially unsigned ones… need to use this exciting platform to get themselves heard and noticed, especially working with bands who are already in the limelight.  I had a student who got famous by doing this kind of linking up, and in the end the band got noticed and ended up with a record deal! He rang me up Christmas Day to thank me for mentoring him which was nice thing of him to do.

There is nothing wrong with experimenting with different sounds or styles as this is what music is all about, and it can be fun in the making process.  Although BTS does own their own music they often work with different Producers and other artists.

Ed Sheeran is a big name in America and Europe, but by recording a new BTS track keeps him at a levels playing field with of course, his collected royalties. He will also make big waves in South Korea drawing him new adoring fans and all because of making one single track! But by doing this it can be life changing and of course, keep you fresh and trendy around the world.

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