How to Get your breathing singing voice back after covid 19 damaged your lungs

How to Get your breathing singing voice back after covid 19 damaged your lungs

I always remind my students that 85% of singing is all about breathing. We only use 15% of our voices when we sing, and the reasons are: the lungs and diaphragm are important function roles in delivering power and projection to even vocal stamina.

I had covid recently, and lost all power in my breathe production. My lungs were weak. I was fortunate to have my full power and vocal range back. Why?

I knew powerful breathing techniques that works. Sadly, many singers who have contracted covid, can for months or even years, lose power in their lungs and suffer from breathing.
A student of mine recently had covid, her lungs became weak and so to the output of her projections. I helped her though the difficulties, which can be emotional, and now her breathing is back to normal.

Can I sing if I have COVID?


How to improve your voice afer covid

Responses to the same question posed after a COVID-19 infection are telling: 6.8% of respondents were unable to sing longer than 15 minutes after their COVID-19 infection while only 32.1% could sing an hour or more, suggesting a COVID-19 infection can result in a toll on vocal stamina.

Of course, if you have covid, you need to self-isolate. But, the aftermath will resort in losing a lot of lungs power.

Does COVID affect singing voice?
Impact on the voice. Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus-2 (SARS-CoV-2), which causes the disease COVID-19, can affect the voice. In a cohort of 702 American patients with mild-to-moderate symptoms from COVID-19, 26.8% experienced dysphonia.

Some people report having sore throats and being unable to reach high notes after contracting covid 19.

How do I heal my singing voice after Covid?
Rest your voice – do not talk too much or too loudly or force out the sounds, do not sing until your voice is back to normal. Breathe and vocal therapy – practice correct pronunciation to help strengthen your vocal cords. Lungs therapy – to stimulate your lungs which will help excreting phlegm more easily.

The emotional impact of losing your voice to covid can also hit your confidence like a hammer against solid wall. Your voice is your personality, maybe, your living, an expression of yourself, then suddenly it is taken away from you. This can lead to depression and anxiety. This is understandable. If you believe that this is the end of the road where your voice is concerned, it can hit hard.

I have seen grown men in tears because they could not sing like they used too. They would go onto the stage, and struggle their way through the first set. Until the band decides that they had to go for the survival of the group.

Doctors are recognising the importance of singing.
Singing Lessons for Respiratory Health: A Literature Review – ScienceDirect

British Doctors May Soon Prescribe Art, Music, Dance, Singing Lessons | Smart News| Smithsonian Magazine

Doctors will send almost one million NHS patients for singing, gardening or art classes | Daily Mail Online

Singing is healthy and creates natural endorphins. A good singing teacher, should be able to return your voice whether in person or online! During lockdown, I was teaching singing lessons online and had positive results.

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