Morning Sunrise (CD)


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Relax to the lush waves and the morning birds singing as the guitar and flute serenades you with the crashing ocean. Let the waves wash over you… let your soul be at peace as the birds sing their sweet timely tune in the background.  The haunting harp and the strings reaches deep down to the heart, moving the hardest human emotion. The sheer beauty and breathless playing of this harp will leave you speechless and in awe as the panpipes leaves you on the edges of eternity.

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Morning Sunshine Tracks

  1. Autumn Moments
  2. Dew on the Bough
  3. Emerald Dream
  4. Enchanted Flute
  5. Eternity
  6. Haunting Melody
  7. Rippling Light
  8. Summer Whisper
  9. Thermal Rhapsody
  10. Weeping Willow

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