An Essential Guide for Serious Singers & Musicians Revised 2013 (eBook)


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An Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians – Revised for 2013!

The Musician’s bible! This revised, and state-of-the-art edition; will keep you in touch with modern changes inside the music business.  This book will show how the likes of Adele, Miley Cyrus and Justine Beiber made their lucky break into the music scene in these modern times.

The music scene has experienced 21st century changes such as the influx of social networking sites which can be used to promote your band as big as the Beatles if you know how!  This book will take you through the stages developing you while making your disadvantage becoming your strength!

However the flipside to this, the 21st century has also been to some extent a curse for the modern up and coming artist leaving many insolvent due to the number of file sharing and music download which is ruining not only the music industry; but also having an effect on the income of new artists.  But you can avoid this by running your band as a viable business while knowing how to live with this technology and working alongside it and this book will show you how you can still make loads of money endorsing your music the right way with or without a manager or promoter!

This revised edition is not only updated to help you get around this problem; but also deal with why so many bands break up, and how to spot the ‘Yoko Ono effect’  It explains why so many bands exists, and yet why do many never see the light of day!

Social networking is not only the modern way of promoting your music using but knowing how to use it and the major players are:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • MySpace
  • YouTube

This revised edition of ‘The Essential Guide for Serious Singers and Musicians,’ will go into details as to why social blogging is important for any musician, and how social networking works for artists. If you wonder why so scores of bands never see the light of day, and you don’t want to be just another statistic then you need to read this book!

You will become familiar with all the different recording software’s and how to drop down the price of your studio engineer more…..!

Does a music lawyer have to play a musical instrument to go through your contract? Do they have to read music or be a member of a band to give you legal advice regarding what contract you sign? This book explains everything you need to know about music lawyers, and their qualification and what their LLB means. It also goes into music contract, MCPS, Musician Union and why you should join one, and how MCP how royalties are collected, and paid to you.  What you will find plus more in this heavy duty book is:-

  • Dealing with bad music managers once you signed their contracts!
  • How to copyright your songs and if the band breaks up who owns them.
  • How copyright works and who really wins if your songs are stolen!
  • Why the music industry today is more about hype than talent today.
  • Why you should never sign a five year contract no matter how tempting it looks!
  • Dirty dealings which goes on inside the music business, and why it was doomed to fail!
  • Music Publishers and how they work for you
  • Promoting your band as a business and merchandise.
  • Why the music industry is suffering sales
  • The decline of rap music sales and it’s political racial and social effect
  • The Importance of marketing your band and why it can be catastrophic
  • How Justine Beiber could have lost everything all because of bad marketing!
  • Tribute Bands and your lawful responsibility
  • Vocalist guide to working in a full sized band and more…

This eBook is provided as a PDF and will available for download immediately after purchase.


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