The author who has a Christian background and also is a singing teacher, and has conducted Church Choirs. His wealth of experience led him to writing this book, teaching choirs how to sing properly. Music has always been a strong influence in Christian worship so at times such as covid pandemic a lot of people are drawn to Churches that has good strong based choirs.

This user friendly book is designed and written for both individuals, as well as large or small choirs. It is packed with Christian songs, and piano scales, and is a must for beginners or advance. And you don’t even need to be able to play any instruments as this book will give you a step by step guide to tuning your voice… using basic keyboard skills.

In this modern Christian age where Christian choirs are needed and where competition is widespread such a practical book is needed if your Church is to survive the new era. This book will teach you everything from: how to breath properly, strengthening your voice, how to sing worship songs correctly and many more…

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