Recording Studio

Recording Studio TelfordI provide a warm and welcoming environment for clients at my recording studio in Telford to record their voices using the hottest recording digital sound, which does not take up half the warehouse.

Many recording studios charge £250 for one track, and you have to provide your own CD and end up with an ordinary CD cover to show for it – nothing eye-catching.

At Born To Sing Music we charge £150 for five tracks.  This price includes:

  1. Recording & Engineering
  2. All Art Work for CD Cover
  3. Professional Quality Photo of You
  4. Printing Photo on CD

You can then use your CD to give to friends or family, or send to talent competitions, agents and managers.

You are allowed up to three hours to complete the recording.

So whether you want a professional CD for personal use, such as presents for loved ones or promotional purposes we will provide the best service for you.

We also have facilities for guitarists and songwriters who want to record their own material. So whether you have backing tracks or musicians, we can provide the service.

To enquire or book a recording session please contact me.