Stress Relaxation Music Therapy In Telford Shropshire

Relaxation Sessions TelfordAre you having difficulties with:

  • Relaxing after work?
  • Coping with Stress?
  • Dealing with Depression?
  • Work related Anxiety?
  • Want to quit smoking?
  • Finding you lack energy?

I can help you change that in just a few sessions. Yes!

I have a good history of helping clients overcome the above issues and moving on to living a balanced and healthier, happier life.

You will be working with a fully experienced mentor.  I’ll show you how to use your breathing to relax your mind, and body, to control your life on a daily basis, and helping you get right back on track.

Many people who suffered from the above symptoms have tried my breathing techniques.  During the sessions you will be covering:

  • Tailored made Mantras
  • Breathing into the calmness
  • Balancing Your inner chi
  • Motivation for living etc…

You will see the amazing results and all for just £35. You can experience the amazing results taking place within your own life – don’t suffer in silence!

I am the author also of “”

Relaxation Sessions TelfordI was suffering from manic depression, with social anxieties, not only was Mr Watson encouraging me to reach my full potential, but counselled me through the pain using deep breathing therapy.

Johanna – Student

You are guaranteed to walk away from my sessions feeling refreshed, stress-free, and ready for living, whatever your anxiety. Come and learn the skills for a lifetime of relaxation.

The sessions last for 30 minutes and taken place in Apley, Telford.  Please contact me today to enquire and book your session.


I was suffering from #socialanxiety, and deep depression, and lack of motivation for living.  I was on #antidepressants for a while. But when I found this angel; he helped save my life. His motivation, and healing music workshop, with #intensecounselling, and is so relaxing… really works!

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