Relaxation Sessions

Relaxation Sessions TelfordAre you having difficulties with:

  • Relaxing after work?
  • Coping with Stress?
  • Dealing with Depression?
  • Work related Anxiety?
  • Want to quit smoking?
  • Finding you lack energy?

I can help you change that in just a few sessions. Yes!

I have a good history of helping clients overcome the above issues and moving on to living a balanced and healthier, happier life.

You will be working with a fully experienced mentor.  I’ll show you how to use your breathing to relax your mind, and body, to control your life on a daily basis, and helping you get right back on track.

Many people who suffered from the above symptoms have tried my breathing techniques.  During the sessions you will be covering:

  • Tailored made Mantras
  • Breathing into the calmness
  • Balancing Your inner chi
  • Motivation for living etc…

You will see the amazing results and all for just £35. You can experience the amazing results taking place within your own life – don’t suffer in silence!

I am the author also of ‘A Positive Lifestyle in a Negative World‘ which I have based on successful clients I have helped in the past.

Relaxation Sessions TelfordI am a professional dancer, and asthmatic. Mr Watson encouraged me to reach my full potential by utilising breathing techniques. To the doctors amazement my asthma cleared up. Now I am at University studying musical theatre all thanks to him. I miss his lessons!

Johanna – Student


You are guaranteed to walk away from my sessions feeling refreshed, stress-free, and ready for living, whatever your anxiety. Come and learn the skills for a lifetime of relaxation.

The sessions last for 30 minutes and taken place in Apley, Telford.  Please contact me today to enquire and book your session.