Singing Audition Preparation 4 The Voice Kids 2023 on TV- ITV Hub

Singing Audition Preparation 4 The Voice Kids 2023 on TV- ITV Hub

I decided to write this blog because from experience; I have seen many kids who are talented; but were never taught how to win a singing competition. It is not their fault.

It is not that these kids cannot sing, but they were thrown into the deep end and expected to swim out of it. The many broken hearts from kids who can’t figure out why they failed, when they were so sure that they could have done better, is heart breaking. It can ruin their future confidence.
Many kids entering ‘The Kids Voice’ are coached and given advice by unprofessional and clueless eager parents who do not know how the game works.

It is television, and there is more to the game that just singing. Of course, you are not told this. The contestants are left in the dark until when they arrive at audition; it is too late.

The mind games involved and deceit all to make good television! Of course, the contestants don’t see this.

Well… if you are reading this blog, it is not too late for you to know what the score is, and how to beat them at their own game. If you are applying to be on The Voice Kids 2023, you need to be prepared now! You need to be ahead of the competition!

I will teach you the tricks of the trade along with polishing up on your stage performance.
With my one-to-one vocal tuition, I will bring out the best in your voice using:

1. Selecting the right songs that suits your voice
2. Making sure the song is in the right key.
3. Building your voice with powerful scales.
4. Working on your dictions and open vowel sound.
5. Breathing techniques.
6. Breathing diaphragm technique.
7. How to sell your voice within seconds! And much more…


Singing Audition Preparation 4 The Voice Kids 2023 on TV- ITV Hub

Singing Audition Preparation 4 The Voice Kids 2023 on TV- ITV Hub

You will be schooled in the art of perfect performance. There is more to singing, than just opening your voice. Borntosingmusic will bring out the best in your child.
Your child will learn what will get the judge’s attention. If your child wants to be trending and not just a one trick wonder, or fly by night moth, then Borntosingmusic will create the full formidable package.

Don’t take our word for it. Check out our genuine video reviews, and testimonials. There is no time like the present.

2023 will arrive fast! There are more to these auditions that the producers are hiding from you! A lot goes on behind the scenes. It is only fair that you and your kid know about it! If your child is serious about performing their best, and delivering this talent, then they need to do it the right way. If your child is not taking advantage of this opportunity, someone else will!
We will work with your child on every detail and iron out the creases. No stones will remain unturned.

Remember, your child’s competitor, is also hungry to win. The question is, how hungry is your child to win this competition? No pain, no gain, remain the same!
Miracle only happens when you are prepared to work for it, and not think it will fall into the lap of your child.

You have read this far! It means you are serious! Let’s do this together. Let us make this audition a shock to the judges who won’t be prepared for what will hit them!
Email me for breakdown Audition Package and Special offers!

singing lessons can be online or in person one-to-one depending on where you are in the country!
To inquire or book lessons please contact me.

Please let me know whether you prefer Zoom, Skype, or Whatsapp or in person etc…
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We will both arrange a suitable time that works for us both.