Telford musician Signs Record Deal without Playing a Single gig

Telford musician Signs Record Deal without Playing a Single gig

The music business is changing rapidly. Once, we were told that the only way to get noticed was by performing tons of gigs with the hope of getting noticed.

In principle, this is still true as emphasised in the book ‘An Essential Guide for serious singers and Musicians.’

An Essential Guide for Serious singers and Musicians : Watson, Saphron: Books

However, the arrival of social media platform has made things much more interesting for modern artists. If you don’t fancy loading your music equipment in the back of your van, travelling across the country to perform a gig; now from the comfort of your own home, you can make things happen!

During covid lockdown, was busily writing and producing his own music from the comfort of his own home. He turned a negative into a positive. The days are gone, where Sony EMI controls the artists.

Musicians now are taking back control with the use of social media, and getting their music heard without even performing a single gig!

George Pilgrem from Wellington has been signed by Ego record label

Ergo Records (@ergorecords) • Instagram photos and videos

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