Wedding & Function Singer

I love performing and can cover any genre from love songs, R & B, Motown, gospel, funk, pop blues, ballad, Jazz and reggae. I’ve also written my own songs and composed relaxation music, so with hundreds of songs in my repertoire I’ll be able to offer just what you need as a wedding and function singer.

From a tender age of seven years I realised my love for music when I was able to predict music a bar ahead of what the singer was singing.  It’s a gift which has become very useful. Whatever the function, I’ll be sensitive and my personality, energy and vocal expression will be an unforgettable experience.


Singing Style

I have a deep melodic harmony and can move from one style to another while maintaining a strong musical personality.

With a very large vocal range, covering many octaves, my classical vocal cadence with a rich falsetto is flawlessly haunting and will have you literally sitting on the edges of your seat!

As a wedding and function singer I’m charismatic when singing live, showing a sense of magic in every performance. I love singing and am happy to perform on stage.

The following video contains the audio of me singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow“.


Musical Influences

My musical influences include Lionel Richie, Steve Wonder, Phil Collins, Jim Reeves, Michael Jackson, Mahler, Vaughan Williams, Faure’s Requiem, Sam Cooke, and Eva Cassidy.

So whether it is candle-lit dinners or sombre events, I’m the right choice as your function singer. I can happily sing at:

  • Weddings
  • Private & Corporate functions
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Retirement villages
  • Funerals, etc…

For more details and to discuss your function please contact me.

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