What’s On Guide. Karaoke Open Mic Pubs & Bars Telford Newport Shropshire

What’s On Guide. Karaoke Open Mic Pubs & Bars Telford Newport Shropshire

How to Host a Good Open Mic Karaoke

The DJ should make sure that the sound equipment is mixed well. There are some DJs who have the microphone so low, and the music tracks blasting out so loudly, that the performer can’t even hear themselves singing!


What's On Guide. Karaoke Open Mic Pubs & Bars Telford Newport Shropshire

Open Mic in Telford Newport Shopshire Guide

Nothing is worse than a DJ who is disorganised. He or she should be able to find your songs with little effort

Checklist for DJ Hosting Open Mics Karaoke Events

1. Make it easy to find the list. …
2. Give performers a heads-up. …
3. Remind us of the rules. …
4. Enforce the rules but change up when necessary. …
5. Invite people repeatedly to sign up. …
6. Do not randomize the list. …
7. Model good audience behaviour. …
8. Be especially nice to first timers.


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The Ozzy Bar Newport Shropshire, in my humble, almost gets all the ticks in the boxes. I was introduced to the pub by one of my students and was impressed. The only negative is that you are standing right next to the speakers and can’t hear yourself singing. Other than that technical glitch, The Ozzy Bar, in Newport Shropshire is a good place to try and understand the ropes


How it Works

Most DJs will ask your name and call you up when it is your turn to sing. You don’t have to use your real name but invent a stage one. If you are bringing your own guitars, it works the same way. Some venues might even have a piano for those of you who play a little!

You will find that some pubs have an open mic, or karaoke singing once a week, or even once a month! The Ozzy Bar has it twice a month on a Sundays.

It is worth trying something different. Some people finding that hidden talent they never knew existed and end up taking singing lessons. So, what starts out as fun, can end up being your dream job!

Please go to my main page for information on singing lessons whether online or face-to-face

So go out there! Have fun and explore the world of open mics karaoke singing in your area. You now know what to look for!