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Here are a selection of testimonials from students of BornToSingMusic

Eunice Olomon

It’s an awesome experience working with this genius. My singing teacher knows his job, and does the very best to bring out the best in me! He has a sensitive nature that he knows when you are feeling down, and just have that magic glow to lift you up, and make you laugh like crazy! I love working with him so much because when I feel like giving up he just knows, and picks me back up, and put me on the right track where I need to be. Thank you so much for you support and making me feel happy around you. I am working on y gospel album which he will help polish up on


Pop Rock Singing Lessons telford

Testing my vocal range thanks for borntosingmusic










I was a bit nervous when I rang the bell for the first time. Saphron answered, “come in my friend” and headed straight to the music room. my first impression was his warmth and how friendly he was. He had me face a picture of a lake surrounded by forests and mountains, and he taught me how to breath properly before singing. He has such a calming and exciting spirit about him.

He always takes the time to get to know me and my voice on a deeper level. He wants to know what I’m capable of, what I’m aiming towards, and then he begins making it happen.

When I get lazy Saph will always pick me up on it. When I’m not focusing properly; he can often tell before I even know it myself. We do scales, and exercises, and he prepares a folder of songs to sing to during the lessons.

He is totally barmy sometimes, and has a laugh to match, but I have found, over the course of the past few months, the best thing to do is to totally trust him take you on that vocal and spiritual journey.


Here is the cutie, Daisy! 


Here is Cute Daisy.

Daisy Feedback

A live Session with Evie

I am 12 and love singing with Mr Watson. I have so much confidence because of him and have the best voice in my age group. He makes me laugh as he is so funny and brilliant



I began singing lessons with Mr Watson as a guitar player for our band.  I was tone deaf but we needed a lead singer and I was picked! After having lessons I began to realize the importance of breathing, and listening to music which seems obvious but it isn’t as Mr Watson opens up a universe of sounds where you don’t just sing or play; but feel the music.  Thanks to this great and inspiring teacher we now have a record deal.


I thoroughly enjoyed singing lessons even though l was a retired pensioner. After Mr Watson moved to Telford l could not travel l so much miss his charisma big smile and big heart x my memories l have a Borntosingmusic card we made.

Christine from Perton

I really enjoyed our sessions although I was studying to become an English teacher.

My voice I was amazed at how you brought power from such a little body lol Thank you so much xx


I was suffering depression at school and under going counselling because I was bullied; so I started singing lessons.

My singing teacher not only brought the best out from me; but counselled me me through it all.

His sensitivity, and genuine care has helped me a great deal. My confidence has grown because of him.



I have been going to Mr Watson singing lessons for over 6 months now!                            Tean Webb

At the start I lacked in confidence, but Mr Watson changed me as a person as well as changing my voice.

I can sing as I want to finally as my voice has matured and grown stronger.

I would definitely book him he has made me the person that I have always dreamed to be. Thank you!

Tean Webb


Within minutes of me starting my singing & meeting my vocal coach I knew that he meant business and his professionalism stood out.

I knew from that moment I felt that I was going to get somewhere. My lessons are totally enjoyable because he’s a cool dude who has such faith in me.  Thanks to this great and gentle man I now sing on cruise ships which I thoroughly enjoy. He is such a miracle and lets you believe the sky is the limit all thanks to my angel, Mr Watson.

Born To Sing Music Testimonial

I started singing lessons around 5 years ago. At the time I was suffering from depression after the breakup of my marriage and was advised by health professionals to find myself a hobby to give me something other than my problems to concentrate on.

I’ve always enjoyed singing but only to myself or my children, so picked up the yellow pages and found Mr Watson’s advert. I nervously rang the number but was soon put at ease by his friendly telephone manner. I found Mr Watson very easy to talk to.

The first lesson was really enjoyable. We did some breathing exercises to start with. Strange I thought as I can already breathe but the need for these exercises soon became apparent as my singing progressed. I then did a few scales and finished the lesson singing “my way”, me, singing in front of someone! Really enjoyed myself and continued with my lessons for around two years.

Born To Sing Music Testimonial

Mr Watson gave me the confidence to audition for my local musical theatre group. I got in and have been performing with them for the last four and a half years. Last year I played John the disciple in Jesus Christ Superstar. I also sing in a choir performing charity concerts four times a year.

I work as a school caretaker and have also performed in a few musical shows with the students in front of their parents (these are the scary ones). I also auditioned for the X Factor and got through to the second round.

Music is now a big part of my life as you can see. I still get down from time to time but manage to bring myself out of it with a song or two. Since Mr Watson moved away, I have to admit I miss our lessons, especially the many sing songs we had together. I remembered we recorded an awesome version of imagine by John Lennon (well I think it was anyway). Singing has changed my life so much. Mr Watson gave me the confidence to achieve my dreams and for that I shall be eternally grateful to him.


Born To Sing Music Testimonial from EvieMy teacher is bubbly, fun and a very good singer. I really love the way that he teaches, there is no pressure, and he makes every lesson interesting, fun, exciting and sort of uplifting. He makes you realise that you can actually sing. I always come away with a smile on my face and look forward to my lessons with him. Since I started my lessons, I have gained so much confidence. I will need to be able to stand up and sing when I audition for Performing Arts School in a years’ time, and this is something that I was dreading doing before. I know that by continuing with these lessons I will definitely be able to do so.

Evie Markham

All my life I’ve enjoyed singing, mostly for family. My late husband Peter was a great guitarist and we regularly entertained family and friends. Peters and my mother’s favourite song was Ave Maria and when my mother came to stay, they would both insist I sang it at least once before we went to bed. Sadly, Peter died suddenly in 1997 and I rarely sang again for the following thirteen years. I certainly couldn’t sing the Ave Maria and never thought I would again.

During the course of planning a big party for family and friends as I approached my sixtieth birthday, I decided to have a few singing lessons to inspire me with a modicum of confidence. All our family gatherings involve a singsong, so I knew I couldn’t avoid one. For years following Peter’s death I had no voice but in our local Yellow Pages I found the most amazing singing teacher – Mr Watson. As my birthday approached, I felt ready to let the joy of singing back into my life. I did sing the Ave Maria on the night of my birthday and it’s also on my first CD which is created by Mr Watson’s Born to Sing Productions.

Born To Sing Music Testimonial from BernadetteTwo years down the road I am still having singing lessons with Mr Watson. I’m just about to record my second CD and preparing songs for my third. I absolutely love my lessons now and look forward to them eagerly every week. Mr Watson is a brilliant teacher – he’s great fun and he has certainly given me the confidence I lacked. He enjoys my singing so much we are planning on doing some live performances and he’s also keen to put my next CD on sale. (The first two were just for friends and family.)

I now also have a lovely partner, John, who is a drama teacher. He is my best and kindest critic and gives me tips on performing.

I am so delighted to have music back in my life. Now approaching my 62nd birthday, I run my own vegetarian food business, which I started nine years ago, and all I need to do when I feel under stress is to listen to a CD, preferably one with a song on it that I want to learn. This instantly distresses’ me and lifts my spirits. I even sometimes listen to one of my own, which I know sounds big-headed, but in fact I just love this new feeling that I’m not rubbish. And I’ve also discovered how the act of singing itself is such a terrific mood enhancer.

Was it not for a great teacher I would not have fulfilled my dreams.



My confidence has increased since having singing lessons with Mr Watson.  I really love taking part in the singing competitions as it helped my shyness.  He gives me loads of confidence and I love singing lessons with him. 

Borntosingmusic Telford

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I really enjoy my lessons

Caden lost his friends to Cancer, at the Birmingham Children’s hospital. He was one of the lucky survivors to just scrape through, and he is very grateful to be given a second chance.  He wants to give back, and hope to raise awareness for the kids who have lost their tender lives so young. I really enjoyed teaching him.