How Ozzy Osbourne, Adele Battled With Stage Fright and Anxiety!

How Ozzy Osbourne, Adele Battled With Stage Fright and Anxiety!

Many professional singers to even actors had to fight stage fright in their lives and some throughout their careers. This might come as a shock to most of us, but it is true!

  • Rod Stewart. …
  • Ozzy Osbourne ‘Prince of Darkness’
  • Adele
  • Barbra Streisand. …
  • Donny Osmond. …
  • Carly Simon. …
  • Renee Fleming.

Ozzy Osbourne; the ‘Prince of Darkness’ despite his infamous name suffers from stage fright. Even during one of his ‘dark satanic performances’ in 1982, when he bit the head off a bat, Ozzy was suffering from his fear of audiences, but unknown to his doting fans.

As for Adele she vomits before going on stage despite how popular she is. She has severe panic attacks something she could never deal with. So stage fright is not going to put you off giving a magical and polished performance!

These celebrities suffer from this phenomenal condition, but it is not hard to deal with nor is it a bad thing to have that little butterfly nerves in your stomach before going on stage, or giving that performance. Some of the feelings of stage fright can be explained down to one simple word, confidence that is for most part! So think about it!  If you knew that the audience would be eating right from the palms of your hands the chances are these negative emotions would not be there! It is no different to sitting an exam the same emotions is there but there is something different about stage fright that makes it that much scarier.

Physiology of fear

Understanding the physiological process of what triggers panic attacks or anxiety is useful information to know. One of the popular physical manifestations is rapid breathing which can become uncontrollable.  This can be scary as you don’t feel in control and to experience this before doing a show can be really frightening.  In this state the body produces more sugar and the stress levels become high and communication becomes poor and information is hard to retain.  This is how the body responds to this trigger which is how the brain responds to fear.  So monitoring how you are feeling and why is a positive start to having it under control.

I will give you the basic techniques how to battle stage fright which has been tried and tested. You will be shown how to deal with this irrational fear of open spaces, and how to focus on your breathing.  Now is the time to start living and performing so well that the audiences would never believe that you suffer from anxiety and stage fright! So stop scaring yourself! Don’t become your own horror movie by expecting the worse you are generating negative emotions, and low expectations, and not positives one as in step one! What you think about is what you will create.  

If this does not make you excited and ready to perform; you will learn about how to tap into your anxiety and fright and turn it into dynamite! And there is more…! You will learn all about emotions and mind tricks and how to turn it around towards your favour!

A bit about me! I did not sing live for a while due to illnesses so I was in the same situation where I was so petrified for fear I would mess up. The idea that I would end up singing the wrong note or forgetting my words gave me anxiety and serious shakes. Until I used the powerful trick found in this book, it totally changed my life!  Now I want to also change yours!

Learning all about the mind, anxiety and how it works against you during social performance is knowledge you must know! I am sharing with you the art of performing on stage despite the nerves and anxieties that might try to ruin your destiny. Now is the time to take a chance to put this fear once and for all… in the bin where it belongs! Now is the time to take control of your life!


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