Music Marketing Technique 4 Musicians During Covid Getting More Gigs

Music Marketing Technique 4 Musicians During Covid Getting More Gigs

Music Marketing Technique 4 Musicians During Covid Getting More Gigs

Many musicians living in Europe have been badly battered not only by the covid pandemic, but also the uninvited wretched Brexit. The reason for this is because: under the January 1st 2021 Brexit visa rules; it deprived travelling musicians the freedom of movement thus many like myself, watched our beloved instruments just gathering dust in the corner of our darkened rooms! Many of us were thinking, ‘what’s the point in booking anything,’ as we face one lockdown after the other… while the gates to Europe became more difficult to open and politically hostile!

The bitter influx of the covid pandemic doubled the curse for us musicians because we were also not allowed to perform live gigs… so it was as though the rug was pulled right from under our feet. So we had, no freedom of movement, while at the same time having to live with unbridle covid lockdown.

My friend, I know what it is like, having shows cancelled, or being too afraid to live life as normal when we don’t seem to exist, or matter to the government. The bad Brexit deal; the way covid has impacted so many musicians, demonstrates this awful truth. But what can we do about it? Is there any light of hope at the end of this lengthy gloomy unlit tunnel which seems so never-ending…?

Believe it or not, yes! But we must keep moving and not sink into this wretched darkness. We need to think like the big corporate companies that face competitions or global economic challenges, but revamp themselves in order to survive against what comes their way. 

As a musician, you need to learn every tricks of the trade to survive the game or become like the historic titanic that sunk into the deep ocean depths. Remember, you don’t want to stay in that dark tunnel but crawl your way out of it doing whatever you can to get your music heard or to put food on the table! In the end it is all about survival! And no one has been so badly hit as we musicians whether it mentally, or economically! 

My dear friend, I will show inside information on how to:-

  1. Really understanding your brand and what you’re trying to say!
  2. How to incorporate old school music marketing combine with the modern to make you a success fast!
  3. How to copyright your music as you begin to rely on it for income!
  4. I will also show you the best marketing campaign 2021 which cannot fail!
  5. I will also show you how to understand the music marketing such as what is trending!
  6.  You will learn top secret how to get tons of gigs ahead of the competition!  
  7. Top secret on how to get your music heard on radio and television free of charge!
  8. You will learn all about building your audience!
  9. Define your message vision and brand
  10. Help you create a music marketing plan and much more….

Your future starts now! Isn’t it time that the world hear what you have to offer? Nothing should prevent you from reaching your goals! If you want it badly enough, there are no mountains that is too high for you to climb! I believe in you!  I know you can do it.  Your success is mine as together as musicians we already are kindred spirits!

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Music Marketing Technique 4 Musicians During Covid Getting More Gigs