Singing Lessons Therapy 4 Depression, Bullying Telford Shrewsbury

Singing Lessons Therapy 4 Depression, Bullying Telford Shrewsbury

Dealing With Bullying and Lack of Confidence!

Many of us can lack confidence for different reasons and this can prevent us from reaching our full potential that life can offer to us. When we lack confidence; we lack vision and are too afraid to compete in life in order to reach our destination. What causes lack of confidence and depression? There are so many reasons why we lack it. And all of us lack it for different reasons but the impact of lack of self worth is the same.
Our lack of confidence or depression can have triggering factors from:

1. Cause such as bullying in workplace
2. Bullying at school (common among children I teach)
3. Low self esteem (as result of 1, and 2,)
4. Bereavement
5. Hopelessness…
6. Substance abuse
7. Relationship problems…

As a result of this: feeling of lack of self worth, it can drive us to states of depression where we have difficulties going for opportunities and this can be from job promotion or even volunteering to sing soloist parts whether at our schools, churches or choirs.
I have had many students whom I have helped to overcome this social and personal anxiety and feelings of low self worth, and some of the testimonials you can read on my website, namely, Bernadette.

The specialized sessions I cater for students with low confidence are unique and have been developed with over yours of teaching experience in dealing with emotional traumas from both adults and children. You will find my singing sessions to be soothing, flowing with holistic singing workshop where through the voice and breathing, we will reconnect with the confidence within that we knew existed!
And you can be from any age group! I have worked with children and adults whom have beautifully blossomed to be confident and full of zest for living and of course, being able to use their voices in a wonderful way.

The beautiful part of singing therapy is that we will always discover a whole world of colourful sounds and splendour that comes from within our inner musical universe and this magic can have a profound effect on bringing to surface an abundant of powerful confidence!

I remembered teaching a young girl who had dyspraxia whom was bullied severely at school as a result of her condition. Helen’s parents were in tears having to witness the horrendous bullying their daughter was forced to go through at school. I promised them a miracle, but of course they did not believe me! But, they had nothing to lose, but everything to gain, if my sessions worked! Of course the sessions did work!
Helen condition no longer held her back, and not only that: her bullies became her friends! My singing therapy workshop will amaze you, and bring about a burst of confidence that no matter whom you are, or where you are from! And even your first lesson you will begin to see transformation…guaranteed!
Singing should be about enjoyable, while learning new songs, and it can also be a healing energy of restoring our wounded emotional state and reconnecting ourselves. Let nothing hold you back you have come this far now to quit! For a relaxing session you can email me Please use the right underscore for the email.