Number 1 Best Singing Teacher Vocal Coach in Telford Shrewsbury Guaranteed!

I Also Offer an (Online) Welcome No Obligation Friendly Introduction Package! 

How this Work?

We will discuss plan of action for your voice. It also gives you a chance to meet me, and we can discuss the songs that you want to sing.  It is a brilliant way to break the ice without commitment or obligation! I will also put you at ease, so you know you are in good hands! There is a £5 fee for this introduction package.

Singing lessons Available Face 2 Face in the Studio or Online! 

You will find that we are the number one best vocal coach in the world!  Just book one lesson with us, and see for yourself; there is no other comparison… anywhere… guaranteed!

So, can you learn to sing with online lessons? The simple answer is, yes! You can learn to sing online, and with added bonus.

However, your success depends on how good your vocal coach is, and the technique that is being used.

If you look at my testimonials; you will see that if you choose borntosingmusic to teach you singing lessons online; you will become a heavy weight singer, and you will sound professional, in next to no time… success guaranteed!

Are Online Singing Lessons Worth it?  

Yes, they worth every penny.  The advantages in having online singing lessons are so many such as:

  1. Not having travel
  2. Saving travelling expenses
  3. Not having to brave the awful weather
  4. You can be more flexible with your time
  5. You will learn to sing from the comfort of your own home.
  6. Choose singing teachers from any locations!
Best Singing lessons online

Best online singing lesson in the world







With Borntosingmusic you will learn how to sing not only chart music, or like your favourite pop star, but trying out other styles too from

  1. Musicals
  2. RNB
  3. Pop
  4. Ballads
  5. Rock etc…

Of all the video conferencing software, Zoom has the most robust audio settings, which makes it the best for taking online voice lessons. Zoom is available on your phone, tablet, or laptop, but it really works best with a laptop.

Can You Learn to Sing For Free?  

Anyone offering free singing lessons usually will have hidden charges elsewhere.  You have to question their skills, commitment, and why they are giving away free lessons!  But, remember, you are guaranteed quality with paid lessons of the highest excellence, than when they are free. If you really want to sing professionally; you also really need to check the testimonials of any singing teacher, and make sure they are not made up!  This is why ours comes with video reviews, and photographs!

How do I Choose the Right Singing Teacher Online?  

To choose the right online singing teacher, or vocal coach, you must make sure they are flexible and can teach most styles!  You don’t want someone who is classically trained to try and teach you, pop singing, just to make ends meet, or pay their bills!

Questions to Ask When Looking for an Online Singing Teacher  

  • Do they specialize in your desired style(s) of music?
  • Do they practice the craft?
  • Do they get results?
  • Do they make the teaching individualized and relevant to you?
  • Are they able to teach vocal technique in a way that you understand?
  • Is the vocal coach accessible?  

    Borntosingmusic matches all the criteria and more….!  Book your lesson in confidence. You are guaranteed to see result instantly! You will cover in your first lesson alone:-
    1. Vocal pitching
    2. Vocal Projection
    3. Vocal stamina
    4. Diaphragm breathing
    5. How to pitch your notes and much more…


              Price: £20 Forty minutes.


How to Sing and Perform your Favourite Musicals : Watson, Saphron: Books