Five Questions Serious Musicians Should ask Before Starting a Band!

Five Questions Serious Musicians Should ask Before Starting a Band!

Five Questions Serious Musicians Should Before Starting Up a Band!

Why We All Still Love Bands To This Day!

Since the glory days of #OneDirection #Chainsmokers to modern day #boybands to girlbands many of us have desired to dip our creative juices of forming a band of our own to see where the journey could take us. But what put a lot of us off is the fact that so many other #unsignedbands have tried but unhappily failed. What makes matters worse is the added fact that most musicians are studying at university and not Music, but Law or History…. And so we have to face difficult choices with hard questions:

1. Do I leave my studies and try to make it big time with my band?
2. What happens if members of my band leave for another thriving group?
3. If the band breaks up who owns the copyright?
4. What happens if members of the band leave to study abroad?
5. Should I date someone from the same band?

These questions are one of many that most budding musicians like ourselves are forced to deal with even while we are jamming back stage but at the back of our minds survival instincts kicks with of course fear the idea of what could go wrong in the future!

I have taught students who have gone through three different keyboard players to even drummers, and it can be frustrating and all because other bands were doing better and getting more #gigs. Sad to say but musicians are not that loyal we have rent to pay and maybe university fees hovering above our heads so when temptation in the form of another successful band who is almost signed up by a small record label comes a long loyalty soon fly out the window leaving behind a bitter band.

Of course if our passion is to perform and have a successful band then we need to be able to spot well in advance the musical butterfly those who are in it only for as long as the gigs are coming, but soon gone when the wintry tree dries up! I have also come across too many musicians who are members of other bands as well as their own… just waiting to see who first gets signed up! It sounds Judas but in the music world it is all about survival of the fittest, and the evidence for this Darwin Science, you will witness in the tough #Musicbusiness.

However, we would never consider going into business without first doing a business plan of some sort, and the same principles are the same when it comes to assessing whom you think you could trust to see the band through during hard times, and not just hang around when times are good, and the fruits are plenty!

An Essential Guide For Serious Singers and Musicians’ is the musicians’ bible as it will help you dwindle through the ‘musical butterflies,’ and working only working with a solid creative team making real music rather than you having to carry the unnecessary burden of forever wondering who is going to leave you high and dry.

An Essential Guide For Serious Singers and musicians’ will teach you how to spot the time-wasters to those whom are merely flipping from one band to another, and of course cover much more important questions asked by serious musicians like ourselves. We should not be messed about just because we are musicians but take control of our destiny with confidence! Purchase this powerful publication from Amazon!