How to Get paid Singing Karaoke!

How to Get paid Singing Karaoke!

Turn Your Singing Talent Into Money!

The term ‘karaoke’ is influenced by a Japan’s video game, and has since swept the West like a tidal wave, and there are no signs of this popularity declining. What makes karaoke so popular is that this fad can be enjoyed by us all no matter our age groups or backgrounds. It has been proven to be so popular in the West that there are even karaoke machines that we can purchase to sing along to in the comforts of our own homes!

Being a vocal coach and music consultant, I have helped many satisfied clients like yourself, starting up their own business making money from what they enjoy doing most, and that is singing, being their own boss, enjoying the perks of travelling to wonderful exotic locations! But we did not just wake up one morning to wave a magic wand and finding ourselves flying on an aeroplane to sunny Ibiza! We decided that singing on YouTube was great fun, and reading people’s comments, but the bills were not being paid and the mortgage on the house was not going to pay itself!

Let me tell you a little more about me. I organised many music shows and talent contests at packed out venues, and got paid well. I also offer music consultation to already existing unsigned bands and have helped many achieved record deals. But I got more satisfaction from helping singers like yourself, on YouTube and Facebook, turning what you enjoyed doing into a feasible business. Many of my clients all started out singing on social media sharing their talents for free, and not getting paid for all their efforts. You might get noticed by a few people around the world, but money will not mysteriously enter into our bank accounts using this method!

If you are reading this blog I guess you are in the same situation most of us were once in? I would love to get you out from it! Let me show you how. If you have a small audience on YouTube or Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, I will in an easy and friendly step by step guide share with you techniques on how to convert them into loyal paying fans! In a step by step guide I will also teach you how to:

1. Get the right equipment you need for doing your live shows.
2. Techniques how to increase your fan base
3. How to market and promote yourself as a business
4. Pros and Cons of working with a music manager
5. Why you should register with the Musicians Union and much more…

Isn’t it time that your talent is rewarded with cash? My step by step guide to being a professional singer will get you making money, fast! Remember, if you already have a loyal following, I can show you how to convert them into paying fans! Everything you need to know to get you making money fast you will find in my book: ‘Karaoke’ Making Money from Singing, by Saphron Watson. Just click on the picture and it will take you straight to my book.

Making money from Singing

If you want more personal coaching not to worry my friend, you can contact me via the book, for details, and I will be eager to guide you to success.