A Positive Lifestyle in a Negative World (Paperback)


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What makes this book unique is that not only is it packed with positive affirmation that will change your life forever; but the techniques used have been tried and thoroughly tested! The book began to be written during a time when the writer was helping his students to deal with bullying and low self esteem.  The changes seen were so powerful hence why this book came to existence.  Whether you are being bullied at school or in a working environment this book is for you and will guarantee to change your life from the first page!

Your life and health will change.  You will begin to attract wealth, success and happiness into your life!

The book covers:

  • Reclaiming Control of you!
  • Changing the way you view your circumstances
  • Be In Control by Reinventing Who You Want to be.
  • Freeing Yourself and Your Fears From the Past.
  • Maintaining Positive Feelings and Attitude.
  • Positive Thinking Will also Improve Your Health!
  • Powerful Affirmations to Remove Once and For All Your Fears
  • Now use this Positive Attitude to Attract Wealth into Your Life
  • Retain Your Gain Through Visualisation Programme and Positive
  • Affirmations

A Powerful book that will help you change you to the person that you want to be!

This book is provided in paperback form and can be shipped Internationally.

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