Reiki Healing Music Therapy 4 Depression Stress Telford Shropshire

Reiki Healing Music Therapy 4 Depression Stress Telford Shropshire

Reiki is a form of alternative medicine and has its’ beginning in Japan. The technique has been used to balance and flow life giving energy and is now used and personalized in the West. The technique used is with the ’laying on hands.’ As a natural healer, I will become your channel guide allowing Reiki healing energy to flow from to you and parts of your being where healing, and restoration is most required. While I am performing this Reiki, you might find that at times; I will be able to perceive or if you like, ‘pick up’ on energy vibes, and be able to tell you what you are suffering with! This gift is a form of clairvoyance which is popular with students who have problems with dealing with emotional traumas or energy blocks which for many years have been left buried.

Allow me to share with you a little more about myself. I have a deep empathy with people and have always enjoyed healing in one way or another whether through laughter, kind words or even sharing positive thoughts. So you will find that I have been practicing this wonderful intrinsic gift for many years now on people like you from all ages, and backgrounds. And maybe like you they were suffering from:

1. Depression
2. Anxieties about doing Exams.
3. Stage fright
4. Past trauma
5. Relationship abuse
6. Bereavement
7. Asthma
8. Work related stress etc…

But there are other warning signs that our bodies give off when our energy levels are blocked and these are:
1. Sleep disorder
2. Stress and Anxiety
3. Low self Esteem
4. Panic Attacks
5. Acute and Chronic Pain
6. Negative Thoughts

I use music therapy during my sessions where I use sound waves as means of healing, and emotional interpretation using your vibration. This is done in the silence with just my soothing words and beautiful healing music creating a peaceful ambiance!

What can you expect after one of my sessions?

When your natural energy flow is blocked-up this will create depression, stress and ultimately brings us to downward spiral health problems. But after a session with me, you will find that your mind and body will be in a state of total tranquillity as if your inner slate has been wiped clean! And you will feel positive, energised and focussed as your inner battery is given a new lease of life and everything within you begin running smoothly again.
There is counselling sessions which includes: (optional)

1. Sympathetic Psychoanalysis
2. Receptive listening
3. Treatment goals
4. Recovery Strategies etc…

Some healing therapies can cost through the roof which is unreasonable especially if our gift is natural. And so that is why you will find that I charge £20 only for thirty minutes which is never rushed, but carefully customized for your contentment and peace of mind. Meditation music is also obtainable for you to buy. For a friendly and confidential chat: Or you can call me on 07507486532 Please remember to use the underscore key _ for the email