Telford Music Performance Musical Theatre Singing Lessons

Telford Music Performance Musical Theatre Singing Lessons

Telford Music Performance Musical Theatre Singing Lessons

If you have visited this blog, the chances are: it is because you are interested in studying Musical Theatre and singing? And why not! You have chosen well… congratulations! Musical Theatre, has given so much joy to the world, with her memorable strong melodies and faultless stage shows, that it has proven to be one of the most successful careers to enter into. However, the competition is tough, rivalry intense, everyone fighting to shine at each audition just waiting for their lucky break. It is winner takes all attitudes where there are no chances of missing out to a single beat when faced with auditions. Practice means everything in this industry.     

Well, I want to give you an advantage over your rivals.  Yes, you heard right. What if I told you there is a secret to come up on top no matter whom you are up against? There is a top secret your rival doesn’t want you to know about!  And, it is for good reason! What is this secret?

 Studying performance or singing in a college group setting is good for team, but one to one lessons, will always pick out your weaknesses and turn them into your strengths. In a group situation, your voice and performances can sometimes be lost in a sea of powerful personalities. I don’t want this to happen to you!

Many performance artists who have been successful… all had a secret they are not sharing with you… private singing lessons! Yes!  They were clever enough to know what extra tuition would put them right at the top of the food tree.  Why? Take a look at this:-

Private singing lessons will cover:

  1. Exploring your vocal projection
  2. Transposing musicals to suit your voice which can’t be done in a group
  3. Working in improving your stage presence
  4. Building your vocal range and tone
  5. Audition rehearsal preparing you for the real thing!
  6. Amazing confidence buildings and mentoring workshops
  7. Tips on how to outshine the confidence!
  8. How to get the judges to say yes
  9. Experimenting with different songs styles until you find your voice and much more…

Let me tell you a little about me. I have been successful in getting many of my students to graduate and to follow their heart desires! Many students started with little confidence, not knowing which songs to choose from, and work with, but my professional coaching helped a great deal.  My confidence workshop, will guide you into making the right choices.   

I am also an author of:  ‘How to sing and perform your’ Favourite Musicals’

I have a passion for singing and love to put the fun into my lessons. The lessons are easy going, and led at your pace.  There are also mock audition techniques that will create the right confidence you need when you are facing the real deal! If you are at TCAT Telford College for Arts and Music, I can help you reach your full potential!  

You can email or phone for a friendly chat or 07507486532