Why singers Vanish after Winning America’s Got Talent!

Why singers Vanish after Winning America’s Got Talent!

If like myself, you are an enthusiastic spectator of ‘American Got Talent’ you can’t help but have a high regard for the powerful voice which resonated from, Angelica Hale. This little girl became a household name, after singing her, her Whitney Houston number but she performed it, with such superb and faultless control causing her to become a prestigious runner-up.

However, one of her videos viewing fetched an ambitions four million likes and still counting…! This means that she has an audience pulling power which should easily be converted into fans, album sales while giving her powerful connections inside the music industry! But is this happening? Is she as successful as she deserves to be?

Despite her television achievement, Angelica seems to have just vanished out of the glare of publicity along with many other contestants on the ‘America Got talent.’ Many continue to battle on surviving by singing on YouTube or other means of Social Media. However, Angelica, her father still manages her but whether he has sufficient skills and music knowledge to bring her to the next level, we will have to wait and watch this space! But it seems that there are other contestants whom have really made an impact with television viewers but sadly leave very little traces for us to follow. And i is not due to lack of talent has the viewing audience proves this!

But bad marketing and working with the wrong agent or manager can cause our careers to vanish as quickly as it had arrived. A young girl, who sings quite well, was managed by her own mother back in Shropshire for many years, but she sang at the same dodgy joints never even venturing out from her own local area. Her mother knew nothing about music management but got a thrill ‘promoting’ her daughter of course at the same places!

If we want to survive the music game and know what it takes to be successful we must learn to understand

1. Music marketing
2. How to work with the right Music Manager
3. How to Promote ourselves as a business
4. How to remain in the public eye!
5. How to get on television
6. How to send material to the right record companies
7. How to understand publicity hype and use it and much more….

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