Music Consultant Advice for New Up and Coming Musicians

I’ve been involved with music most of my life. As a musician and songwriter I have enormous sympathy for today’s modern artist, trying to get their music heard in an industry which seems to have an abnormally high level of unfairness in it’s selection process. It doesn’t matter how talented you are as a band or soloist, if your face doesn’t fit the doors remain closed.

As a result many bands are now opting to use the Internet to attract an audience which in the 80s and maybe 90s was impossible.

I promote my own music via the Internet, it’s simple to do when you know how.  You will find that there are a vast number of people out there searching for your sound and not just letting the music industry decide what they should listen too.

Music industry advice online

Music industry consultant and music management advice 


As a music consultant I have a background in business studies, and managing bands. and I’m also the author of five music

1. An Essential Guide for Serious Singers & Musicians

2. How to sing and Perform Your Favorite Music

3. How to Sing in a Church Choir

4. Gospel Singing made easy

5. How to make money from karaoke.

So you know you are given advice from the best in music business!

Music Consultant Services

I provide music business consulting and marketing services. For artists, I am able to speak from first-hand experience about how to expose your music to a wider audience. For musicians, I can advise you on the politics of working with art and how to create more opportunities.

In the current climate getting a deal with any major corporation or strategic partner is as much about M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) as it is about A&R (Artists & Repertoire). It is therefore essential that you spend your time building your own business rather than asking for help from corporations based on your talent alone. If you are reading this you probably already know that building a brand in music is very difficult to do.

So, in order to help you I have two packages:

Basic Music Consultancy Package

Briefly covers information such as:

  • How to start up a successful band
  • How to copyright your music.
  • Organizing your own shows and gigs
  • Getting yourself known as a band etc…

Professional Music Consultancy Package

  • Build your band as a booming business
  • Not to make the same mistake other band has made
  • Financing your band for better channel!
  • Website for band which has Blog forum for fans to keep updated
  • Manufactured cd companies distribution
  • Band marketing plan Sales and marketing
  • Tips for global expansion
  • Dealing with fans, customer service and feedback, etc…

As your private music consultant I will work with you, devoting hours of time directly helping you. I will answer your questions and build ideas with you for the period of consultation.

For a free discussion on how I could help you please contact me.