How Holistic Singing Lessons Can Help Long Term Covid Sufferers

How Holistic Singing Lessons Can Help Long Term Covid Sufferers

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Doctors have now concluded that singing lessons can help long term covid sufferers. This long awaiting move should be welcomed by all alternative singing teachers especially like me; who has been sharing this luminous knowledge for many years now.  In fact, the doctors are now suggesting that singing lessons are good for your mental health, and can aid in quicker recovery. Isn’t that amazing?

My website, under testimonials in fact shows the students I have helped who had suffered from depression, to bereavement, and how I have helped them recover fully through my unique style of singing lessons.

So I have been using this holistic technique for many years. As a result of my unique teaching styles, I have gone onto to study, emotional mentoring and counselling so that I could become also qualified in that area.

Performing for better health is more than just singing from a music sheet or performing before a karaoke machine. There has to be a deep holistic approach for proper success to be achieved.    

The Science behind Singing 4 Health and Covid Sufferers

We know that long term covid sufferers have one thing in common, and that is shortness of breath. The main symptoms of these long term covid suffers are of a respiratory problem.   The type of pneumonia often associated with COVID-19 can cause longstanding damage to the tiny air sacs (alveoli) in the lungs. The resulting scar tissue can lead to longterm breathing problems. Singing lessons with a holistic side to it is very beneficial as proper breathing will strengthen the weakened lungs and it will also relax the mind.

Many asthmatic suffers sufferers has resorted to using inhalers to help them breath.  In fact, what asthmatic people have in common with long term covid sufferers is breathing difficulties. When something bothers your airways, you have trouble breathing. This is called an asthma attack or episode. It gets harder to breathe because the tiny muscles around your airways squeeze tightly and they have swelling inside. Your airways will make more mucus inside your airways, which makes it even harder to breathe.

Professional singers use some of these same exercises to learn to draw in more air and to control their exhalation while singing. Over time, the diaphragm and chest muscles strengthen, making breathing easier and more efficient. In all of my books on singing, I always devote a full chapter to the art of breathing properly. In my studio, the students begin their lesson with 10 minutes of proper breathing.  This is how serious I am about singing and health. My website is packed with positive testimonials on those who have benefited holistically from my style of teaching.

Let me now give you the good news.  I teach students on a one to one basis but, I also do online singing lessons. The same style of teaching is given on: Zoom Skype and Whatsapp.  If you look at Joanne’s testimonial, you will read how her serious asthma attack was totally cured by the holistic approach to singing that I have and you will have loads of fun while you are at it and recovering!

What the doctors are really saying is that, the physiology of singing is a science that has not really been understood. The science behind singing is all about the sweet art of breathing. In fact, singers only use 15% of their voices when singing, the other 85% is sheer breathing techniques.  Finally medical sciences are now all reading from the same music sheet as I have been doing for many years!    

The great thing about my holistic approach is that:

  1. You learn to sing new songs
  2. You have loads of fun and laughter!
  3. It will improve your breathing
  4. It will increase positive well being
  5. It is great for mental health
  6. It will increase your confidence
  7. It teaches you the value of breathing and much more….

 If you would also like to have a powerful session online you can email me at:

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