Telford Shropshire West Midlands Online Singing Competition 4 Young Talented Teenagers Entry Date 2021 2022

Telford Shropshire West Midlands Online Singing Competition 4 Young Talented Teenagers Entry Date 2021 2022

What makes this fantastic competition unlike many others is the fact that the prizes are just simply amazing, and complement your dreams and ultimate ambition to break into the music business!

If you are chosen as the lucky winner, with this online singing contest, not only will your video be shared on Borntosingmusic social media platform, but, you will also have other amazing prizes that will help prop up your future singing career!

The prizes are amazing, here whys:
Many people, who win singing contests, usually are never heard from again. Why is this? Why do they just simply vanish from the face of the earth

The answer is: many are not aware of what road to take to further their music career, or how to improve, and sharpen their already gifted talent. So they are lost in the dark to fend for themselves until their names vanish from main stream media.

The prize we are offering will help you avoid these pitfalls and failures.
If you are the lucky winner! You will be given the ultimate star treatment. The prizes on offer will be:

One Month Management Which Involves:

1. Building Your Brand and image
2. Free Month of vocal lessons online and singing advice
3. Free Music consultation package
4. Free learning how to write your own songs as number 2
5. Music Industry advice and how to promote yourself…
And other free amazing prizes that will leave you speechless!

These prizes usually can cost a musician thousands but the lucky winner will get a month of start treatment for Free

Now is the time for you to be given the star treatment! If you think you have what it takes to win this competition then here what you have to do:

1. Entry Fee £5 UK sterling (administration charges)

2. Your video should be no more than 10 MB unless you are sending a link to YouTube or some other social media platform that you use.

3. You can choose two songs

4. Send a brief description about your singing history and why a career in the music industry is so important to you.

4. Age for entry is 11 -18 years of age

The closing date is April 2022 giving everyone enough time to enter.

Once you contact us, we will give you payment details so that the audition process can begin…
Our email is: Please remember to use the underscore as in this symbol after the born_

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