Mobile and Travelling Singing Teacher Vocal Coach Telford Shropshire

Mobile and Travelling Singing Teacher Vocal Coach Telford Shropshire

                                        (Or Online Singing available If preferred )


Many people who want singing lessons seldom take it up.  The reason for this could be down to numerous factors.  I will provide a few examples.

  1. They do not drive.
  2. They are not able bodied
  3. Have social anxiety or fear of going on the buses…
Singing lesson for disabled people Telford,

Singing lessons catering for everyone

But you don’t want to miss out because of these small step backs. Many people are taking up singing lessons to improve mental health or just to have loads of fun.  Or they just want to learn new songs along the way.

Many people after the covid lock-down, decided, now’s the times to kick start new hobbies.  Or it could because they want to just improve their voices.

Whatever the reasons, singing lessons is and should be fun. Borntosingmusic will teach you how to sing your favorite songs better.  You also will impress your friends and families with your new found voice.

Areas in Telford covered for travelling tuition at the moment are:

  1. Donnington
  2. Oakengate
  3. Leegomery
  4. Trench
  5. Priorslee
  6. St Georges
  7. Muxton
  8. Hadley

How it works?

 Travelling Costs a £5 charge will be added to the cost of the lesson to cover both the time and fuel of getting to your home.  If your lesson is £25 for the hr, it will be an extra £5 added making the total £30

You book a lesson as any other via email with as many songs that you want to sing better. Each lesson we will tackle the song in the comfort of your own home.

Please ensure there are no disturbances during the private tuition. We should also not be disturbed during the lesson.

If there are no sockets nearby let me know so I can make sure my keyboard batteries are refreshed.

If you are looking for a miracle then look no further. You have come to the right place! You will be taught with:

  • Unique style
    § Enthusiasm
    § Music Entertainment
    § Charisma

With my one to one vocal tuition I will bring out the best in your voice using:

  • Powerful scales
    § Diction and pronunciation techniques
    § Diaphragm
    § Confidence workshop
    § Vocal trills
    § Breathing stamina
    § Empower your lungs and
    § Much more…

The lessons are £25 for an hour and £20 for forty minutes. Please add £5 for fuel and travelling cost.

To get the best out of singing you only need one lesson per week, provided that you also practice in your own time.

To inquire or book lessons please contact me.

Singing gift vouchers for all occasion is also available.

Remember to use the underscore button for email.

Block Booking Special Deals:

Pay for 7 singing lessons up front.  And you get the 8th one totally free! Please, note that that to qualify for the free lesson, you must come for 7 weeks lesson consecutively without missing one! Email for more info:  Mob: 07507486532