Does Singing Help Depression?

Does Singing Help Depression?

Can singing help with depression or stress?

It has been said that, “Music has the charms to sooth a savage beast”. The statement is quite strong and direct but contains many truths.

There is something peculiar about the sound waves of music which does something to the human soul. Even King Saul suffered depression and was told by his advisors to appoint young David to play the harp to relieve this ‘black mood’.

So, throughout history music has always been seen as having an innate healing properties that effects us deeply while radically creating a natural high.


Medical Research

Doctors have only just caught up with what people down the centuries have already known. Now research is being carried out to demonstrate that singing actually lowers the blood pressure spectacularly. In a 2006 article in the “Journal of Dementia Care,” Chreanne Montgomery-Smith, an officer with the West Berkshire branch of the Alzheimer’s Society in England and the founder of Singing for the Brain, detailed the benefits of singing for depressed Alzheimer’s patients.

According to Montgomery-Smith, singing supports social contact and positive relationships. Not only did patients benefit from the equalizing influence of working together under a choir director, they were able to make friends, find and give support, and gain feelings of empowerment from leading rounds of singing, or greeting or assisting new members. Singing not only provides a physiological mood enhancer but also creates a social relationship where people who are feeling low meet up with others sharing the same interests.


Children with Depression and Learning Difficulties

I have taught singing lessons to children who suffered from depression as a result of being bullied at school and had learning difficulties. It is always difficult for children or people who lack confidence to believe in their potential or self worth. One thing about singing is not only the ‘feel good factor’ that you feel because of the effect is has on the brain; but it provides confidence and a belief in yourself. The children that I have taught have benefited from singing in so many ways as singing is fun and relaxing and learning new songs is so exciting for them. Many of the children that I have taught who have suffered depression and being bullied have had their lives turned around to go on to make new friends and finding that self esteem.

In my book, A Positive Lifestyle in a Negative World I mentioned one of my students; a child who had dyspraxia, who was severely bullied because of this medical condition, but how singing not only helped boost her confidence but also gave her the social skills in which to make a new circle of friends. She found a zest for living after discovering the joys of singing and a new motivation for life.


Singing for Your life

Television programmes are now realising the benefits of singing. Channel Four did one called “Sing for Your Life” the title is captivating but speaks volume. It shows people suffering with cancer and the programme researchers have shown that singing can improve the state of mind. One of the cancer sufferers actually stated how singing lessened her pain which only reinforces the fact that natural endorphins creates wonders more than we know.

Singing makes you happy. Singing helps you take control of your life.


Could singing help you?  Please consider my singing lessons and my singing books.