3 Reasons Singing Vocal Exercises Are Important

3 Reasons Singing Vocal Exercises Are Important

Are singing exercises really important?

When we see performances on television shows like “The Voice” and “X Factor” it’s easy to forget the hours of hard work behind each performance.  Each singer will have a routine of singing vocal exercises that help them prepare.

Here are three reasons why singing exercises are important.


1. Exercises Help Maintain Your Voice

Do you check the oil and water in your car before taking a long journey? Driving hundreds of miles in your car creates a lot of heat in the engine.  The oil and water help to cool the engine and keeps it in good working order.

It does not matter how expensive a car is, if you don’t look after it, and drive a few hundred miles without oil and water, the engine will seize. Replacing the engine with a new one  will be very expensive.

The voice is no different.  Singing vocal exercises are as important as the performance itself, if not more so, as the preparation will determine the outcome of the show.  Most of us can’t go onto a stage without doing some kind of warm up at the back dressing room by running through a few piano scales warming up and preparing our voice.


2. Exercises Help Recover From Sleep

After sleep our voice has not been used for hours.  All kind of mucus builds inside our mouths and nasal when we are asleep, and this reduces the quality of our vocal chords considerably.  Singing exercises make your lungs stronger while building stamina so that you can sing for longer periods without feeling exhausted.  Ideally a warm up session should last twenty minutes as this will lubricate your throat and add moisture.

The benefit of singing exercises is not only physical but also in your projection and pronunciation.  It does not matter how good your voice is, if it is not maintained sooner or later you will lose the projection and power, and when you try hitting those top notes they will not sound so confident if you gracelessly struggle up to them.


3. Exercises Help Reduce Vocal Damage

Another reason why singing exercises are important is the fact that just like athletes it’s important to warm up and cool down the voice.

You don’t want to put a strain on your vocal chords because you failed to loosen up the muscles.  The number of people that I worked with who damaged their voices while they were performing on stage, belting it out while competing with loud instruments, is not uncommon.  A lot of amateur singers wake up with sore throats the next morning because they failed to warm up before attempting strenuous big numbers. Exercise requires oxygen intake, which in turn stimulates the production of the body’s own mood-lifting endorphins. So ultimately, singing these exercises should benefit you mentally as well as vocally.



Singing Exercises - Singing With StyleSo overall make sure that the voice is maintained regularly and drink plenty of fluid while trying to avoid sugary drinks.  Never go on stage without going through a proper vocal warm up routine and by following these advice your voice will not only get stronger but perform well.

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