Zoom Skype Best Free Singing Lessons Online Beginners Introduction Class

Zoom Skype Best Free Singing Lessons Online Beginners Introduction Class

Borntosingmusic are offering a free sample singing lesson for beginners’, introduction class! There are no catches! If you don’t like the session, there are no hidden charges. I am giving away at no charge whatsoever, free singing lessons which entitles you to an online session only. Available Zoom and Skype…

This free online session will cover everything that you would expect from a standard lesson.  It is an amazing life changing taster before you commit to anything solid. Why this might be for you? It is a good way to find out whether singing lessons is the right choice that you have made.  It is also a good way for you to find out just how good your singing teacher is.

There is nothing worse than paying for a lesson and only to find that you have wasted your money… because your singing teacher is not good at teaching, and barely get any results.  But you are guaranteed to be so impressed with the introductory singing session: that I am giving it to you for 100% Free.

Beginners will love this opportunity as it means you don’t have to jump into the deep end only to regret the decision! It gives you time to really see what singing lessons is really all about. If a singing teacher is any good, they will not be afraid to give away a free lesson so that the students know exactly what it all involves.

Choosing your singing lessons with Borntosingmusic you will find that it is the best decision that you ever made!  I have an amazing confidence building session, from the start, and you will learn in this free introduction class:

  1. Vocal stamina
  2. Vocal tone
  3. Correct way to diaphragm breathing
  4. Vocal projection
  5. Note pitching
  6. How to feel music and so much more…

Many people are taking up singing lessons on Zoom or Skype for health benefits or just to have fun. Other people might want to learn new songs they have never tried singing before.

Many people after the covid lockdown, has decided, that now’s the times to kick start new hobbies.  This is why I am giving away a free lesson so that you can see whether this new hobby is right up your street!

Singing lessons is also fun. You will find plenty of laughter.

I will teach you how to sing your favorite songs better.  You also will impress your friends and families with your new found voice.

How Online Singing Lessons works?

 You can send via email as many songs that you want to sing better. Each lesson we will tackle the song.  Once you feel confident, you can show off your new learnt technique!

My singing lessons are unique, as each session is tailor made to suit your individual need. Each student is treated as an individual and not as a number. One size does not fit all. I find out which area of your voice needs working on and target that specific area using scales and breathing techniques.

Many people find going to singing lessons to be scary but within seconds I will put you at ease until you realize that there was nothing to worry about!

Singing lessons should be fun, relaxing while at the same time achieving the results that you want. I encourage a relaxing atmosphere to work in at all times.

If you are looking for a miracle then look no further. You have come to the right place! You will be taught with:

  • Unique style
    § Enthusiasm
    § Music Entertainment
    § Charisma

What makes my singing lessons unique is the fact that if a song key does not suit your voice; I can rearrange it! I also have a large library of backing tracks, music books, and scores for you to choose from, including:

free online singing lessons beginners

Singing lessons book Borntosingmusic one of many of our publication


  1.  Pop
    2.  Rock
    3. Stage Musical
    4. RNB Jazz
    5. Classical and much more…





If I don’t have the song you want you can always recommend them before your singing lesson is due. I can also choose songs for you to sing which I think will suit your voice.

With my one to one vocal tuition I will bring out the best in your voice using:

  • Powerful scales
    § Diction and pronunciation techniques
    § Diaphragm
    § Confidence workshop
    § Vocal trills
    § Breathing stamina
    § Empower your lungs and
    § Much more…

You will get your first fifteen minutes totally free and that is my gift for you. To qualify just simply quote borntosingmusic when you email born_2sing@hotmail.co.uk

We will both arrange a suitable time that works for us both. Email born_2sing@hotmail.co.uk