4 Benefits of Singing Lessons

4 Benefits of Singing Lessons

4 Benefits of Singing LessonsDo you enjoy singing?

Many of us do, whether with others in groups and choirs, professionally or just at home while hoovering.

But did you know that having singing lessons can not only help you singing but also help so many other aspects of life?

Keep reading and I’ll explain the four benefits of singing lessons.



Ask anyone why they sing around the kitchen or at work and you can expect the response – it makes them feel happy.

But what exactly do they mean “feeling happy?” Research has shown that when we sing it improves our mental health and releases endorphins into the bloodstream. Endorphins create this feel good factor.

I had a student who suffered from clinical depression and was told by his doctor to find a new hobby. He decided to give singing lessons a go, not knowing what to expect from it. He felt so much better for it. Singing is natures’ natural cure for depression – working alongside any medication that your GP has prescribed.



I conduct a deep breathing workshop with all of my students.  Every student has found this very powerful in releasing these endorphins or feel good factor.  It has helped them deal with stress or depression in their lives. This is because seventy five percent of singing is all about breathing and the rest is voice. Trying reaching those top notes without being in good health. It can’t be done it is the breath that give you that energy and projection.

Johanna, another student of mine, suffered from asthma. After just a few sessions she seldom had an asthma attack again. I have used these breathing techniques for students who:

  •  Lack confidence
  •  Suffer from Asthma
  •  Suffer from Depression and Stress

I also provide specialist relaxation sessions where I teach my breathing techniques to anyone, singers or not, who wants to learn to relax and unwind.

Of course there is the other side to singing, when it is not recreational. Having me as a singing teacher is beneficial especially when it comes to exploring libraries of songs that suit your voice for any audition that you might have.



Singing is also fantastic if you lack confidence, in any area of your life. There is nothing better than singing and expressing the emotion to all different types of songs. Once you learn how to hold a microphone, and stand using the proper posture, it gives an air of confidence and delivery.

Singing is also one way of overcoming shyness. I have seen many of my students who were shy going on to conquer their nervous disposition and becoming very confidence. This can help anyone from children at school to business people in the workplace.


Singing Progression

Another reason why singing lessons are beneficial is build your skill and know whether you’re singing in the right notes.

Many of us do not have a problem singing away while doing the gardening but it is a different ball game altogether if we are singing to an audience. That is why it is important to have some professional vocal coaching. You need to know that you are pitching the notes perfectly and again because of the amount of breathing involved this is beneficial for your lungs. You will have to be aware how you inhale the air and exhale it. It is learning to breathe all over again.

Have you sat at home watching the X Factor or The Voice and thought how great a singers’ voice sounded? Much of this is due to their trained, powerful set of lungs. If you listen carefully to Pavarotti, or Maria Callas or in the pop genre to Beyonce or Mariah Carey you can’t help but admire that breathes power that they have, this power comes from correct breathing.


Singing lessons bring many benefits, whether for personal well-being, confidence or progression with your singing.  Could singing lessons help you?  Please get in touch for more information.